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     ...electronic e-Assist has taken the bicycle industry by storm. Not since the mountain bike have we seen so much change.  (Read the exciting Shimano blog post. They're as excited as we are about Hawthorne/Shimano) 

     Determined not to miss the technological age, Hawthorne has spent the past several years investing and developing an e-Assist tandem. With all the features of top of the line single seat bikes, incorporating performance, strength, and reliability required by tandem teams.      


Using Shimano's STEPS 8000 the Hawthorne has future-proof and world wide usability


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With or without couplers, the drive and battery flow seamlessly


Total tandem integration eliminates known safety & reliability issues common with bolt on, and hub motors setups.

Hawthorne Gates belt - close up.jpg

e-Assist models now available with EP8

CDX belt drive for the Hawthorne e-Tandem 8000

We are happy to announce tandem drive belt technology is available for the e-8000 tandem.  Gates Co. has developed a  pulley that accommodates the Hawthorne's larger stokers' compartment.  This is the newest CenterTrack design with deeper channels and stronger teeth.


Hawthorne Design tandem specific components

are used in critical areas.

650 B exampleb.jpg

55 mile round-trip. I think we averaged over 15 mph and it is a very hilly route. We love our Hawthorne tandem assist.   We love traveling with our Hawthorne eAssist.

No Fear! (Amsterdam, Brussels, Wyoming, so far!

Team Moorman


First of all, Woody is totally AWESOME!!  Our average speed on our CoMotion was in the range of 12-12.5mph on all rides- our average speed on Woody for is 14-14.5mp.  Speed isn't the only thing, the ride is 'sublime'. 

Smooth, balanced, and even with the pedal assist off, the pedaling and tracking is superb and almost effortless.. What a ride this is!  

Team Acuff   


What a ride yesterday as I am sure Richard has emailed. But today I am left with a stiff neck... ...from looking down at my cyclometer in amazement way too often!! Such a delight to feel younger, stronger, and have fun as “us” again thanks to you and Ric. You gave that back to us with a bit(bit?!) of help from our new assist. We finished our ride and had energy to spare, and we went farther and faster than we have in over a year. As we soon celebrate our 50th anniversary and the 34th as a tandem riding couple it will be the start of a great new year.

Team DiLorenzo

We know half of our friends may scoff at the idea of assist, but at some point ALL of them

will need to consider this amazing technology if they choose to continue riding together.

Team Dore

Dore's - Charging up the Hawthorne.JPG
Reeves silver 8-5_edited.png

We have owned our Electric Assist Hawthorne Tandem since June of 2018. For us (Tandem Age 146) the bike has put the thrill back in riding and now it’s fun to ride instead of work!  Our moving average has increased from 11 – 12 MPH to 15-16MPH.  We can now ride with friends without holding them up and after a morning of riding we are not exhausted for the remainder of the day.  Our odometer reads a little over 4000 miles.  Most of our riding uses the "ECO" power setting to extend the battery life however whenever a hill inclines at 10% or greater we shift up to the "NORM" or "HIGH" range.  We recently completed an 8 day 350 mile ride across Switzerland from Geneva to Romanshorn on the Bodensee.  The daily route averaged between 50 and 70 miles.  Our battery life is about 50 miles depending on the terrain so to ensure the battery power we needed each day, we would take the battery and charger into our lunch stop restaurant and plug in while we enjoyed a leisurely lunch.  The hour of charging added at least another 20 miles to the range which was sufficient for every ride.  One of the greatest advantages of owning a Hawthorne is the instant roadside telephone assistance.  I have called Ric on a few occasions whenever I’ve had an issue with the bike.  He has never failed to give the correct solution the first time and have us up and running in a matter of minutes.  We are thrilled with our bike and the expert service that comes with it.  We wish all our tandem friends could experience the same!  Team Reeves

(The photo is part of a University of Texas Fund Raising Campaign which featured alumni who continue to support The University.)

e-Assist FAQs:

Can I travel with my electronic assist?  Yes.  The Hawthorne 8000 with couplers packs just as easily as any conventional tandem with couplers.

Can I fly overseas with my lithium ion battery?   At this time, no.   However, this is a problem we have already addressed.  Hawthorne has batteries staged for you at the most popular travel destinations worldwide and are adding more.

Can I have electronic shifting?  Yes.  The Hawthorne 8000 integrates both road and mountain Di2 11 speed shifting and wireless eTap 11 & 12 speed shifting.

Aren't electric assist bikes heavy?  That's a good question.  They don't have to be. The STEPS system has the best power to weight ratio in the industry. By locating it in the low slung position of the Hawthorne's carbon frame the weight literally goes unnoticed when riding.

Do I have to pedal?  Yes you do. Remember your Hawthorne is not a motorcycle. It will assist you based on your team's input at the pedals.  More power in, more power out.  

Battery Life - How far can I go? Simply put, most riders can expect a 60 mile ride on a full charge.  Of course, that is subject to terrain extremes and changes in your riding style.

Will technology pass me by? By using Shimano's most recent STEPS technology, you're assured of years of reliable use supported by the world's leader in bicycle components.


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