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   Hawthorne Tandems has over 50 years of bicycle building experience.  That experience goes into each custom designed and hand built tandem.
   Designer, Ric Becker designed the Hawthorne Tandem to be stronger, lighter and more responsive than its competitors. Racing teams and leisure riders alike relish the light weight bike and its premium components.  
   Ric's search for a builder to create his design for a carbon fiber tandem led him to the very respected and accomplished John Slawta. 
   John's artistic mastery of tube-to-tube carbon construction, a labor intensive method, ultimately produces incredibly strong, liquid- smooth tube.

   Hawthorne Tandems allows each client to choose the specific design he or she wants to make their Hawthorne personally theirs in every way.  The client chooses the color for the custom built, hand- laid carbon down tube and keel with sleek, titanium couplers and custom contunious tapered tubes.

   A variety of measurements and questions are considered for both tandem riders to determine the best fit for their tandem team, whether racing or leisure.  Blind (VI) Parathletes are fitted with the expectation that the blind athlete will have various pilots during his/her racing career.

   Even the delivery arrangements, made by Marcia Becker, are designed to suit the Hawthorne's new owner.

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E-Assist models now available with EP8

382 Carbon Tandem Fork

c arbonfork.jpg

Is there anything more important than your fork?

  Hawthorne refuses to accept the 'just okay' of borrowing single seat forks. Hawthorne has designed and manufactures its own tandem-specific full carbon fork, free of adaptors and compromises found in run-of-the-mill single seat forks. (shown with 203mm rotor and 700x35 tire)

carbon fork.jpg
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For competition racing teams, Hawthorne's unique TT design allows for full aero stoker positioning with no standover obstruction.

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