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More Testimonials from our Great Hawthorne Family

Excerpts from a great testimonial letter received from Art…

One month with our electronic assist Hawthorne…

I love cycling again.


…it looked like we would have to give up the…rides…                                                                                             

or we could make the move to electronic assist. 

My gosh what a great decision that was!


…we went in all the way with a custom Hawthorne with a Shimano STEPS 8000 electric assist package... I mean custom…every tube length and angle of the bike is based on us and how we ride.  I also got to pick out every component in the build.


…push harder on the pedals, the system adds more power.  Ease up on the pedals or coast and the motor adds no power.  The “Trail” setting adds more of a push and the “Boost” can have you topping the hill at over 20 mph. was crazy going over hills at 20 mph where we would normally be done to 8 mph on that hill.  We needed up averaging 19 mph and used up 4 of the 5 battery bars.


Everyone cycles for a different reason.  Some cycle as a form of competition. Some do it as a way to train and maintain peak fitness. Over my almost 20 some years of cycling I have learned that I do it for exercise, to spend tie with my wife/stoker, to spend time with friends, and to enjoy some amazing countryside.  The electronic assist is allowing me to keep cycling and to love the time I spend cycling.

Saxby eassist closeup.png
Fredricksburg Sneads.jpg

"This really is the best bike I've ever owned"  Bob Snead

Bob and Nancy Snead riding in Fredericksburg after picking up their beautiful Custom Celeste-blue-to-pearl-white fade Shimano Steps 8000. 


"...we had three great rides in which we really learned how the bike can help us and how best to use it.  We couldn't be happier."

Hi Marcia, Hi Ric,

   We are just on return from a great touring trip crisscrossing Japan. Its a very safe country to travel despite a very different culture, language, signs...After we booked the tickets half a year ago we read that tandem are not allowed in some provinces, however we have had no problems at all in the last 3 weeks. We got the views from police but all in admiration. We enjoyed the many hot springs all around, which were quite soothing after long days in the saddle. I had no cramps at all, usually for me on other trips.

   We did a few train rides as part of the trip. A bike is free to put on the train, however it has to be in a bag, a 'rinko' bag. As there are no bags for tandems Elke showed off her sewing skills and thanks to the fact that our Hawthorne can be quickly separated in 2 pieces, the tandem traveled well in the trains, despite sometimes very tight spaces...

   There were no problems with the Hawthorne on the road despite the heavy load with the packs as well as no problem on travel in its cases. Great. Thank you for making it possible to allow for 38mm gravel tires as some of the roads were a bit rough and the low pressure still made the ride safe and smooth The cable actuated hydraulic brakes worked well coming down many passes of the volcanic landscape. We would have to stop more often to cool down the brakes with the mechanical brakes of our other tandems. We noticed some rattle noise though occasionally when braking - not sure what is as the pads are good and the brake power seemed not to diminish.

Greetings,  Kai and Elke (Calgary)

Japan hot springs.png
Japan loaded.png

Bri and Dan Hoopes have broken through to the gravel racing world with their Hawthorn Tandem.  They rode in the Salty Lizard Race and the Belgian Waffle Race.  Bri writes “Our Hawthorne handled like a champ on this super Technical gravel race….” 


These photos by  @Eddie_hoffman


Riding with Tinker Juarez

30 miles at the Salty Lizard

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