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this has been a game changer. We no longer have to worry about those huge hills or the head winds. We are having so much fun. Thank you for everything you do for us.                Team Vollman, Ohio


I wanted to tell you that Nick and I have rode over 600 miles in such a short time on our new tandem. We can’t tell you how much we love, love, love our new tandem. We are now in our third chapter of life, and

Short, (10 miles) but sweet ride! Thank you for for the last minute top tube revision, it was a hit!  Bike rides well, fit is spot on and comfortable. We tried different power levels and settled on Trail. I even shut the assist down going up our driveway hill retuning home. Boy did the boss notice that! First she complained that she didn’t feel any assistance then she complained that she wasn’t getting any exercise. A boy just can’t win. I think she is getting it now. The most important thing; she wasn’t winded at any point in the ride even with several short 5-9 % grades in our community.    Team Oliva, Connecticut

Oliva Logo_edited.jpg
Oliva couple.jfif

The verdict is in…and we love it!

        We’ve now had the opportunity to ride our new tandem several times, including in two organized group rides, and it is the best.  We rode in Western Massachusetts and then rode the Opacum Tour, through the rolling hills of central Massachusetts.  The bike is quite the conversation starter...  One of the greatest things is we are now able to ride in any position within our group.  On our Calfee we were always in the front or toward the front until the big hills started.  At that point we were relegated to the back of the pack and had to work very hard to rejoin the group.  Now, we can ride in the front, ride in the back or anywhere we want and easily move up or back.

        It’s also nice that we’re not dead after a ride.  Usually after our Sunday rides not much else got done but now we’ve got something left in the tank.  It’s                                      

ortman rigby full_edited.jpg
ortman rigby logo_edited.jpg

not that we don’t get our exercise, it just that we can choose how much we want.  There is also a relief now, we’re not concerned about the upcoming big climb because we know it’s not going to kill us!

        The bike has performed beautifully.  It seems effortless to ride even with the power off.  Both Melinda and I feel very comfortable on the bike.  Our riding positions fit our style of riding, relaxed but able to apply power when necessary.  I’m loving the 1x drivetrain.  I don’t miss the front derailleur at all.  The jump between gears isn’t too abrupt and the overall range has covered the terrain we’ve faced.  We haven’t faced a long sustained climb yet but on even the steepest climbs we’ve faced we haven’t run out of gears.

        And most of all, we’d like to thank you for the process.  This was a large expense and a big decision for us.  We always felt that you were looking out for our best interest throughout the process.

        The best bike riding of the season is in front of us.  Fall in New England is spectacular. Thanks again, we’re very happy customers.      Team Ortman/Rigby, Massachusetts

ortman rigby front.jpg

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our new tandem."  Team Williams/McDougall, Arizona

This “roller coaster green” was inspired by the rider's love of roller coasters and has 7 gecko lizards ghost painted in to the frame paint design.

Team Williams McDougall Gecko detail.jpg
Team Williams McDougall Paint detail.jpg
Team WilliamMcDougall Roller Coaster Green.jpg

Enjoying the bike.  It is such a good bike just as a bike and we use the assist part less than I expected.  Celeste Blue Hawthorne EAssist            Team Welsh, Northern California

Team Welsh Full.JPG
Welsh Celeste Blue logo.JPG

Marcia and Ric,

Wow!  We rode one of our challenging hilly routes yesterday, one we haven’t ridden in 5-6yrs because of the difficulty.  The new bike was marvelous and the e-assist is like being 20yrs younger.  The tandem is stable at speed and easy to ride.  I can’t believe how much that bike helps us, especially with the hills.  All we can say is thank you very much for your superb service and an exceptional bike.

Skip and Diane Edmonds, Washington

Edmonds Yellow.jpg
Edmonds Yellow Logo.jpg
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